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Mackenzie Ruh

Hi, my name is Mackenzie Ruh, and I am an adrenaline junky. I grew up on the beaches of California, was raised a free spirit, and am on a relentless, thrill- seeking journey to become the next great action sports film producer. My wild-heart has taken me from San Diego to Dallas where I attend SMU, and am currently designing my own major. It is a arts business degree, and will be titled, BFA in creative producing. I’ve played sports all my life, and have become addicted to the adrenaline rush that is derived from it.  I want to combine my love of sports and film to start a production company called, Rip Tide Productions and produce action sports films; evoking adrenaline rushes in everyone who watches them. A RipTide is defined as, a tide that opposes other tides, causing a violent disturbance in the sea. Become a part of my epic journey, and lets create the ultimate RipTide.

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